Frosthaven Session Report #2

Major Spoilers Ahead. Welcome to my Frosthaven Session Reports. This is intended as a summary for our Frosthaven party but, feel free to read along; just beware that this contains major spoilers.

26 February 2023

#4: Heart of Ice

With the ice barrier shattered the Algox priest who we rescued from death by the other Algox grabs a handful of snow. She brings it to her face and whispers. Whirling like a miniature storm, the slow lifts her off the ground and carries her down the hole that was covered by the ice barrier. The same happens to us and we're carried down just like the Priest. She introduces herself as Lanprul. The mountain is of great religious importance to the Algox, however they are divided into two rival factions: The Snowspeakers - led by this priest - and the Icespeakers. Currently the Icespeakers (or "dirt-lovers") control the mountain, but when their war party attacked Frosthaven the Snowspeakers saw an opportunity to launch an attack of their own. While we're not sure which side we should take here, we continue deeper into the mountain as the Priest urges that there is still a battle raging in the mountain's heart.

We continue into the mountain's heart following Lanprul the Priest we helped in Scenario #3. We find more Algox Archers and Algox Guards we need to deal with.

After dispatching the last Algox Archers and Guards we enter the heart of the mountain. There we find a huge Algox who just emerged from another passage, the other chieftain. Lanprul (now also known as the Snowdancer class) charges the other Boss (The Frozen Fist class). It is time to pick a side.

Since we've helped the Snowdancer from the start we figure we should help her in this scenario as well. We need to more than half of the damage to the Frozen Fist class and kill it. Wit a bit of careful planning and positioning ourselves between the two bosses pulling in most of the damage, we finish of the Frozen Fist class.

After a fierce body the Icespeaker Chief (Frozen Fist) crashes into the ground. "You've helped us relcaim what is rightfully ours" - Snowspeaker chief (Snowdancer). "Now you must tell me why you did it".

We opt for honesty and tell about how the Icespeaker clan has attacked Frosthaven. By helping the Snowspeakers we hoped to broker some kind of truce. The Snowspeaker chief answers: "we have no quarral with the human town". But she can't speak for the rest of the Icespeakers. To secure peace once and forall she proposes we destroy the rest of the icespeakers, and mentions a group of Icespeakers to the north of the Whitefire Wood. We will get help destroying the Icespeakers from one of her champions. "As any good alliance requires both sides to be tested"

Rewards: Unlock Snowdancer class
New Scenarios: #5 Frozen Crypt (recap section 22.1)

Outpost Phase #2

A: Paint the "snowbirds".
Reward: 1 Morale + Start next scenario with Wound

We decide to build our first building, the hunting lodge. This will help us gain Hide for building more buildings. We also continue brewing potions and crafting items. Some of us also levelled up to level 2

#5: Frozen Crypt

Option B: we gain the Firepepper campaign sticker and unlock scenario #122 - The Eternal Crave
While traveling to the north of the Whitefire Wood where a group of icespeakers should be hold up we lock eyes with a Algox. Within half a breath the Algox turns and runs away, we set chase. While chasing at one point the ice ground breaks underneath us and we fall down a deap hole to find a group of Ice Wraith's welcoming us.

After clearing the first room of Ice Wraith's we enter the second room with Frozen Corpses. However the Frozen corpses are immune to damage as long as an altar is still standing. We need to destroy the alter first, before we can damage the Frozen Corpses. On round 3 and 5 new Frozen Corpses spawn, after dealing with the Alter we clear the Frozen Corspses.

After destroying the altar to rubble we find a crack in the wall. As we move close we find a passage that appears to lead farther down. Green light trickles from the crack. It's clear some bizarre power lies further behind. The other option is to ofcourse further hunt down the Algox icespeakers, but after climbing out of the pit it is clear we need to be better equipt to traverse the frozen tundra. We have to come back with a sled.

Rewards: Collective 2 wood
New Scenarios: #9 Glowing Catacombs & #10 Crystal Enclosure

Outpost Phase #3

Option A
Reward: Lose 10 gold, gain 1 morale

We decide to build our second building, the Mining Camp. This will help us gain Metal for building more buildings. We also continue brewing potions and crafting items.

#122: The Eternal Crave

Option A: All characters start scenario with 3 damage and brittle
The Hungry Maw... The old Quatryl you met along the road has intrigued you with a tale of firepeppers and dangerous beasts. "You've got the firepepper, and I've brought along the axenut, but the third ingredient - the dried mammoth bark - can only be find only within the Maw's cave, but the place has been overrun by deadly bears and strange flying imp's. An with Maw about the wake up, we have been put in a dire situation. If the Hungry Maw is not fed and leaves its cave, it could mean destruction of the entire north!" We need to either kill Hungry Maw or brew a the stew to put her back to sleep for another 100 years.

We liked the challenge of solving the puzzle, so we opted for retrieving the Mammoth Bark. After navigating the rooms filled with ice we found the mammoth bark in the last room. Using the shadows we could teleport the drifter carrying the mammoth bark back to the starting room where the old quatryl had already started a fire below the cauldrol. Now we just had to solve the recipe puzzle. With some bruteforcing we found the solution to the equations and read a section that told us the proportions were off. After figuring out the firepepper and axenut had to many leaves and "axes" we substracted those portions and fount the correct section number.

Rewards: 10 experience each