Z-A Challenge: November '21 Update

I managed to play quite a bit in November as you can see below. We're currently at 4%, still a long road to go, but considering we only had half a month it's a pretty good start!

We're playing through our entire Collection from Z-A. Read more on this challenge in our introduction post:

Collection Challenge from Z-A: Introduction
On November the 14th of 2021 we started a new Collection Challenge! We’re playing through our entire Collection from Z-A. The challenge will take as long as needed. We will post monthly updates to report on our progress. The Rules - We play each base-game at least twice. - Expansions

Collection Updates

Games added:
Rolling Realms
Fantastic Factories + Expansions
Valeria: Card Kingdoms + Expansions

Games sold:

Challenge Plays:

Welcome to the Moon x3 (11 all-time)
Wishland x2 (6 all-time)
Welcome to Dino World x2 (11 all-time)

Welcome to New Las Vegas x2 (13 all-time)
Welcome To... x3 (23 all-time) (1x Base Game, 1x Halloween, 1x Winter Wonderland)
Wingspan x2 (11 all-time)

Didn't Impress
Wormlord x4 (6 all-time)
Viticulture Essential Edition x2 (7 all-time)

Looking Ahead:

We just started with the letter 'V' and this will be the first test of our discipline. We have two unplayed games with a V, Vinhos and Valeria Card Kingdoms. We also have a bunch of expansions for VCK so I'm curious what these two titles will do to our overall progress. I hope we can keep the trend up of finishing a letter a month. Also December might be a bit of a slow month because of the Holidays.