Z-A Challenge: December '21 Update

Happy new year all! December was again a pretty good month! We're at 9% currently and managed to play quite a few heavy games. Lot's of new additions to the collection as well particularly because of the holidays! We also sold a few games.

We're playing through our entire Collection from Z-A. Read more on this challenge in our introduction post:

Collection Challenge from Z-A: Introduction
On November the 14th of 2021 we started a new Collection Challenge! We’re playing through our entire Collection from Z-A. The challenge will take as long as needed. We will post monthly updates to report on our progress. The Rules - We play each base-game at least twice. - Expansions

Collection Updates

Games added:
It's a Wonderful Kingdom (Kickstarter)
Khôra: Rise of an Empire (Present)
The Crew: Mission Deep Sea (Present)
Voyages (Kickstarter PNP)
Three Sisters
Glass Road

Games sold:
Merchants Cove
Great Western Trail - Sold the first edition, second edition is on order and should be arriving soon!
Russian Railroads - Sold my Russian Railroad copy, in favour of Ultimate Railroads arriving soon

Challenge Plays:

Viscounts of the West Kingdom x2 (5 all-time)
Vinhos Deluxe Edition x3 NEW!
- Vinhos Deluxe Edition: Connoisseur Expansion Pack (1x)
- Vinhos Deluxe Edition: Experts Expansion Pack (1x)
- Vinhos Deluxe Edition: Islands Expansion Pack (1x)
- Vinhos Deluxe Edition: Tasting Room Expansion Pack (1x)
Villagers x2 (16 all-time)
- Villagers: Kickstarter Expansion Pack (1x)
Valeria: Card Kingdoms x12 NEW!
- Valeria: Card Kingdoms - Shadowvale (10x)
- Valeria: Card Kingdoms - Flame & Frost (9x)
- Valeria: Card Kingdoms - Darksworn (7x)
- Valeria: Card Kingdoms - Crimson Seas (1x)
Unfair x2 (14 all-time)
- Unfair Expansion: Alien B-movie Dinosaur Western (2x)
Underwater Cities x2 (14 all-time)
- Underwater Cities: New Discoveries (2x)

Village x2 (4 all-time)
Vikings Gone Wild x5 (15 all-time)
- Vikings Gone Wild: It's a Kind of Magic (1x)
- Vikings Gone Wild: Guild Wars (1x)
- Vikings Gone Wild: Master of Elements (1x)
- Vikings Gone Wild: Ragnarok! (1x)
Voyages x3 NEW!
Undaunted: Normandy x3 (5 all-time)

Didn't Impress

Looking Ahead:

We managed to finish both V and U in December so for January we've started with the letter T. While there are some smaller games in this category, we also have to tackle the T series (T'zolkin, Teotihuacan, Tekhenu). Another big boy will be Through the Ages. Let's see if we can keep this pace up!